Comprehensive event-driven news and data

Dealreporter provides specialist insight for investment professionals.

Hedge Funds

Our journalists produce insightful and predictive intelligence and data, creating a powerful idea generation and risk management tool for hedge funds. Our coverage highlights new events and our data provides granular detail on M&A.

Event-driven Traders

Dealreporter news provides market moving updates on potential new takeover candidates, strategic alternatives, catalysts, mergers and acquisitions and special situations. Our core M&A coverage includes deep antitrust analysis. Our data provides a powerful tool to help analyse and manage risk.

Stock Lenders

The stock lending community find Dealreporter’s news helps them to prepare for potential requests from their clients by giving insight on upcoming corporate activity, M&A, rights issues and potential capital returns.

Credit Traders

Dealreporter’s predictive insight can help identify new credit opportunities from our coverage on M&A, capital raises, IPOs, spinoffs and asset sales. Credit traders also use Dealreporter to monitor listed securities’ events that can have a material impact on the underlying tradeable credit.

Investment Banks

Investment Banks use Dealreporter’s in depth coverage & data to monitor their clients events in real-time, and to generate new business opportunities in fast moving markets.

Fund Managers

Dealreporter’s insight keeps managers up to date when they might have potential acquirers or targets within their portfolio; the data can assist in idea generation. Beyond M&A it provides a daily flow of listed company news and flags potential early-stage stock catalysts.

ECM desks

Dealreporter provides idea generation opportunities on potential new Equity Capital Markets (ECM) issuances, allowing desks to position themselves for new transactions along with well sourced independent color on the book building process.